About us

A professionalism through our experience

Our newly real estate firm established in 2019, Efstathiou Brothers is here to help the needs of any buyer, seller, owner or a tenant as your private property agent. Our 13 years of experience across Europe and Middle East give us the opportunity to guide our clients in the right way of choice.

“we guide the decision through many opportunities to the correct choice”

Our new and fresh ideals in combination with knowledge and experience can relocate the good ideas to the correct decision.

A team with knowledge in properties provide Efstathiou Brothers the best-in-class helping homebuyers, investors and companies to take a better property decisions.

Platinum Services

Efstathiou Brothers can provide a range of services to our clients from A-Z. In corporation with companies in the field of construction, valuations, advertising, law and taxation. Our office can provide All-In-One services of your investment, sale, homebuyers and rentals in a private or in corporate base.

  • In construction we work only with professionals to get the best quality for your new development.
  • An important step of an investment is the value of the property from accredited Real Estate Chartered Surveyors, RICS members. We offer the opportunity to work with the professionals.
  • Legal advices, our expert lawyers gives you the advantage to be a step away from an illegal transactions in general.


                   “the more we offer the less you spent”


  • Our partners in Taxation and Accounting sector can make us sure the correct management of profit & loss in the investment. Also an important issue of many investors is the taxation in a property (buy or sale).
  • We have what it takes to push real estate forward and to achieve our target “our customers target“.